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Business and personal: a common thread among different hats. To be of service connecting people, organizations and information, to share what I've learned or research and analyze what is yet to be learned, leveraging -- with common sense -- the gifts of technology.

In business, this means helping clients better understand the marketplace...in a reasonable time and at a reasonable cost. It means creatively blending experience and "tech tools" such as graphics, databases, multimedia and the Internet to translate information into understanding with efficiency, speed and even an occasional touch of humor.


My entrepreneurial life spans nearly half my entire existence, the first half being taken up with childhood, school and a 5-year stretch at a commercial lab bench, where I was fortunate enough to carry out the application of my experiments in full-plant production. This blend of theoretical and practical remains in my current management consulting practice.

Professional Background


    Founded research firm (technical literature searching) in 1973. Incorporated in 1984 as Technology Management Associates, Inc. (TMA). Designed corporate logo.

    Consulting focus: market information, mostly in "high tech" areas for clients of all sizes, from individuals to multi-billion dollar enterprises located throughout the world.

    Long-term business relationships: 51 contracts for one client since 1986. As President, serve clients as project leader, supervising as many as 40 contractors for a given assignment. Partner with fellow consultants, several since the early 1980s.

    Travel frequently in North America and overseas; several trips annually to Tokyo and Osaka Japan. "Survival" Japanese language skills.

    Volunteer professional services to civic, professional and religious organizations.


    Began as researcher at Beatrice Foods Company in 1968; as Biochemistry Section Leader, directed more than 50 projects, obtained two patents by 1973.

    Research focus: formulating edible (and palatable!) protein materials from cheese processing waste stream; continuous culture fermentation process for various cheese and bread cultures; practical, non-food uses for spray-dried process waste stream components.

Marketing and Management Practices

Focus: helping clients better understand the marketplace through research and consulting services such as technology tracking, best practices, market assessment and customer satisfaction studies.

Client objectives include: market expansion; due diligence for acquisition decisions; new product development and R&D investment strategies; increasing market share; improvement in traditional and Internet-based marketing activity ROI; assessing opportunities and threats due to legislation, technological advances, changing customer expectations;

Industries include: automotive, advanced materials, biotechnology, cyber-business and cyber-education, machine tools, pharmaceuticals, economic development, telecommunication.

A dozen recent (1997-1998) examples of consulting assignments, selected to illustrate scope of work (disguised as necessary to protect client confidentiality):

    "U.S. Market Potential for (an Automotive Component)"

    "Best Practices in Computer Integrated Telephony Call Centers"

    "Supply Chain Consolidation and Emerging Best Practices in Industrial Purchasing"

    "Development and Buyer Acceptance of Electronic-based Catalogs and Software for (Specific Industrial Product) Selection"

    "Technology Assessment of (Industrial Product) Companies" for potential acquisition

    "Level and Trend of Use of (Specific Advanced Materials) in the Aerospace Industry"

    "Cyberbusiness Trends"

    "Intelligent Highway Program: Implications for Automotive R&D"

    "Rapid Product Innovation Practices in High-Growth American (High Tech) Companies"

    "Market Size and Potential for Web-based and Other Electronic Banking"

    "Customer Satisfaction and Improvement Opportunities in (Specific Service Offer)

Presentations and Workshops

(September, 1995-November, 1998)

Focus: leveraging electronic tools for understanding markets

    "Two Killer Apps and their Strategic Epicenter" with Jeff Molander, Marketing Research Association, Fall Education Conference, "Winds of Change: 20/20 Foresight," San Diego, California, November 6, 1998

    "What's Happening in the Global Technology Transfer Arena?" Illinois Technology Transfer Alliance, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, November 2, 1998

    "Going International; Aspects and Considerations for an IT Business" Fall John Marshall Law School/Chicago Bar Association Law Conference "Online Transactions, Finance and Commerce" October 28, 1998

    "The Internet-Integrated Consultant" panelist, Institute of Management Consultants 1998 Western Confab at Reno, Nevada, October 26, 1998

    "From Information to Understanding" member of panel, MIT Enterprise Forum of Chicago, April 13, 1998

    "Net Sucess: Building Online Strategies and Identifying Target Markets" Chicago American Marketing Association, Second Annual "Internet Marketing Strategies," all-day seminar, March 31, 1998

    "The Internet: Hollow Myth or Solid Business Tool" Association of Internet Professionals, Chicago Chapter, March 17, 1998

    "Locating and Analyzing Information on Market Potential and Market Competitors: A Multimedia Presentation" Chicago Biotech Network, Oct. 29, 1997

    "Leveraging Technology as a Business Strategy Tool" Center for Enterprise Development, August 25, 1997

    "Growing a Successful Small Business" University of Chicago Consulting Roundtable, July 31, 1997

    "Information in Cyberspace...Its Use and Abuse" International Society of Internet Professionals, July 23, 1997

    "Developing a Web Site for your Small Business" Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, July 11, 1996

    "Rolls Royce Research on a Hitch-Hiker's Budget" Chicagoland Small Business Expo, May 22, 1996

    "Small Business Council, A Vision for the Future" Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors Meeting, February, 1996

    "The Mouse that Roared ... around the World" American Women for International Understanding, January 25, 1996

    "Using High Tech Levers in a High Touch World" R&D 100 Conference, September 18, 1995


    Editor-in-chief, monthly e-mail newsletter, TECHMANAGE.COM

    Numerous management, marketing and technology articles and white papers, Technology Management Associates, Inc. Website

    "Trade Shows" and Web links from "Rolls Royce Research on a Hitchhiker's Budget" for distribution at a management seminar sponsored by Tel Aviv based Israel Export Institute "Finding Business Information on US Corporations", December 15, 1997

    Co-author, "Practical and Effective Customer Satisfaction Studies,"International Press Association, with Mervyn H. Singer, December, 1996

    Co-author, "64 Techniques for Coming up with New Ideas," with Vernon A. Magnesen, Gregory Publishing Company, Wheaton, Illinois, 1987

    "What is Our Reason for Being? High Technology Business Planning," Plan and Print Magazine, Franklin Park, Illinois, September, 1985

    Several published "Letters to the Editor" in national business publications

Current Business Memberships

Focus: technology, entrepreneurship, professionalism and international business. To learn, to share what I've learned, and to serve as a connection between people, organizations and information.

    Chicago-Osaka Sister Cities Trade Delegation

    In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the partnership between the two cities

    Planning and promotion of a business delegation from Chicago to Osaka taking place in October, 1998.

    Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce

    Premier local organization for connecting people, enterprises and information

    Member since 1992. Elected to Board of Directors, 1997.

    Co-Chair and Charter Member of the Small Business Council. Ex officio member of its 5 standing committees. Active participant in the Small Business Council's development of its strategic plan.

    Small Business Expo Committee member of annual two-day event. Since 1996.

    International Committee member. Conducted a focus group of Chamber members having their own Web sites to learn what members want the Chamber's Web site to include. Conducted two presentations on Web issues at Chamber events.

    Information Commerce Committee. Venture capital conference and outreach programs. Year 2000 issues.

    The Chicagoland Electronic Commerce Initiative (CECI)

    Information and contacts in the regional telecommunications industry

    Charter member. Since 1996.

    Institute of Management Consultants

    Certifying body for management consultants, setting standards of professionalism, ethics

    Certified member since 1982. Former Vice President of the Chicago Chapter (1984-1987). Program Chair for those three years, producing several dozen successful local meetings and one national meeting, with continually increasing attendance and revenues during that tenure. Treasurer and Board Member, 1994-1995. Present Board Member of Chicago Chapter. Coordinator of Technology Centers for National meetings, since May, 1997.

    Illinois Technology Transfer Alliance (ITTA)

    Promotion of commercialization of technology developed in Illinois-based enterprises

    Founding member and Program Chair.

    Journal of Management Consulting

    The forum for Management Consultants Worldwide

    As Co-editor, Technology Applications, responsible for helping create topic strategy, identifying potential contributors and providing editorial assistance. Since 1997.

    MIT Enterprise Forum of Chicago

    Promotes and strengthens the process of high tech starting and growing companies

    Member since 1984. Chicago Advisory Board member and Chair or Co-Chair of the Business Plan Selection Committee from 1992-1995. Served frequently as panelist/reviewer of business plans during that time. Have seen, evaluated and counseled on more than 150 business plans.

    Society of Automotive Engineers

    Access to information, trade shows, conferences, meetings and fellow industry specialists

    Member since 1993.



    Master of Management (1981), Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Evanston, Illinois

    Bachelor of Science (1968), Chemistry, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois

    Numerous seminars, workshops, continuing education programs

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